LabBook Connect

A new tool for users coming soon!

LabBook Connect is communication middleware designed to facilitate information exchange between clinical laboratories.

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The purpose of its first version is to connect LabBook to in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices and analyzers.

This new tool for LabBook users builds upon standardization efforts by international organizations to reduce the cost and variability of data exchange between in vitro diagnostic (IVD) devices and healthcare informatics in clinical laboratories.

Based on interaction with users

After gathering information via experiments and interactions with users, the creators of LabBook Connect designed the first version of LabBook Connect to be standards-based and adaptable, so that it can easily integrate future OpenHIE developments.

LabBook Connect v1 is an HTTP server that supports standardized IHE-LAW transactions in HL7v2 format, allowing any system to communicate through a standard protocol with all the supported analyzers. Analyzers are handled through plugins that can be developped independently.

LabBook Connect is aligned with the Decoupled Analyzer Interface System initiative (DAIS platform) from the OpenHIE Lab Information Systems Community, which aims to create a community-built and supported software that will connect to clinical analyzers in the lab. One of LabBook Connect goals is to be compatible with the DAIS platform as much as possible and to share the work on the analyzers with the community.