About LabBook

LabBook Software helps you computerize your biology laboratory data ensuring better patient care.

LabBook is available as ISO including Ubuntu.

Manage your data efficiently

LabBook is a tool providing many useful functionalities.

  • Collect clinical information
  • Input technical and biological data
  • Validate results
  • Print results sheets and scorecards
  • Archive data
  • Record and invoice laboratory analyses
  • Automatically generate epidemiological reports


Personalized profiles


Modernize laboratory operations

The software can be used in single or multi-station for all the computers in the laboratory. LabBook is distributed under a GNU (General Public License) license for free.

  • Adaptable configuration to fit your laboratory operations
  • Data security to ensure confidentiality
  • Management features of the quality management system
  • Available in French or English

For Patients

Computerizing the management of medical biology information also benefits patients. Individual biological samples
can be tracked through all phases of laboratory analysis, which improves traceability and avoids critical errors that could impact patient care. The software also provides for strict validation of lab results in patient records.

LabBook software

LabBook is available as an ISO which includes laboratory management software and the operating system (Ubuntu).

In the last update, a barcode management function and an export to DHIS2 format was added.